Monday, February 1, 2010

Team Teamwork - Vinyl Fantasy VII (2010)


After listening to this for the first time today, i just NEEDED to post this so more people could get into it.

I'd also like to start by saying, in behalf of the geek in me, THANK YOU Team Teamwork.

Geeks and Hip-Hop fans rejoice! Vinyl Fantasy 7 is the newest mixtape by the master of Geek-hop, Team Teamwork. (Yes, I just coined that term, now give me money)

What you got here is a mash-up of the FF7 soundtrack, with some kick ass hip hop tracks. Featuring the likes of MF Doom, Jay Z, Ghostface Killah and even Tom Waits... This is something you shouldn't miss.

From those who brought you Ocarina of Rhyme.

Perfect for listening to while hanging out in Midgar.

(The guys let you name your own price when downloading, so if you got a couple of dollars to spend, show some love. Me? I'm broke as hell. So I went with 0$... Sorry guys =p)