Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Blue Runes - EP (2011)


Puerto Rico has always had it's share of shitty bands. In fact, I'd be more than inclined to say that 80% of them are. There's this custom of rehashing the same old formula, and never venturing forward.
Or... Even backwards?

That being said, this is not the case with The Blue Runes, because what they bring to the table is the sounds of the 60's and 70's, kicked out with some modern rock in a nice little package.

The guys put out their new EP by themselves. (DIY is how it should be nowadays, In my opinion) Recorded at guitarist and vocalist Gabriel Albelo's own home, with help from family and friends, this guys have managed to pull off a very fucking nice release.

Obvious influences are Hendrix, Zeppelin, The Beatles and the like, and it shows. The record sounds like it time travelled all the way from 1974. A very solid Blues rock release from some really nice guys. Check it out, and if you can buy the EP and go see them live soon.

Hit em up at their FB page:!/pages/The-Blue-Runes/301050469911289

And check out the EP here:

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